6th KiiT International School Model United Nations Conference 2017 in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan
11th August 2017 - 13th August 2017

Introduction - International Press

Whether it is the Russian Ukrainian Crisis or Israel’s border issues; the Syrian Civil War or the Iraqi insurgency; the Mexican drug war or the Central African Republic conflict – the press has been an integral part of the United Nations in its crisis solving motives since its inception. It is no wonder we, at KiiT International School Model United Nations, take our reporting very seriously .

The International Press is a unit that shall serve as an information bridge between the committees of KiiT IS MUN involved in debates and discussion. It differs from other organs of the UN in that the reporters would involve themselves with collecting valuable information and important milestones in the committee sessions and relaying them to the rest of the international community; it would also serve as a resource for delegates to help direct their discussion based on the journals and news released.

As a member of the International Press you will have an all-access and exclusive pass to interview and interrogate delegates at press conferences, wiretap national secrets and expose them, report gross foreign policy violations, and observe unmoderated caucuses to get an inside scoop of the delegates’ informal debate.

Through your printed and online reports of the debate, delegates and Secretariat members will be able to access and follow all recent events of the conference. If done right, with great passion and the skill of artful communication, your work has the potential to change the outcome of debate of any committee.

The reporters shall be affiliated with international news agencies from four countries:

  1. Al-Jazeera, Qatar
  2. Fox News, United States of America
  3. Reuters

The International Press guarantees to be a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for upcoming reporters and journalists. Before we begin our journey together of creating a most memorable International Press experience, I urge you to go through the KiiT IS MUN International Press Guide extensively upon your selection and while applying, in addition to researching allotted committees and agenda thoroughly prior to the conference.

If you have any queries, feel free to send us an email.

I look forward to an exciting work experience with you this August.

As Horace best put it,

dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude, incipe.
He who has begun is half done: dare to know, dare to begin.

Warm Regards,
International Press Affairs.

International Press Affairs

Ghattepally Siva Theja


Dipshikha Nanda

Editor in Chief

Ananya Pattnaik

Editor in Chief


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Priya Agarwal
Sriyansh Mohanty
Shreerupa Kar
Adyasha Anindita
Janhavi Pathak
Swaha Mishra
Diya Subudhi
Barna Pradhan
Ayushman Ray
Aaliya Tarannum
Sweety Tanaya Satapathy
Padma Parija
Arshita Singh
Lamya Sheikh
Shatarupa Mishra
Anjali Mohapatra
Fox News Agency
Turvi Agarwal
Anushka Nayak
Akankshya Acharya
Adyasha Patra
Shriya Mohapatra
Samikshya Mishra
Anuska Beura
Aakanksha Pattnaik
Aagnika Sarangi
Nayanika Dash
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Ashim Mohanty
K. Nikhil Bharadwaj
Abhisek Pattnaik
Biswajit Panda
Riya Arora
Bharat Mohan
Ashutosh Nayak
Swayamjeet Kar
Aryan Patnaik
Vikramaditya Sen
Ekalavya Mahapatra
Mohammad Shahbaz Khan
Avlok Agarwal
Uday Bhawsinka
Adarsh Dhawan
Jyoti Ranjan Ray
Arnav Dhanawat
Aditya Mishra
Suman Tirkey
Partha Mohanty
Fox News Agency
Anuj Mohanty
Arya Vedant
Satyam Agarwal
Samarth Pansari
Tanmay Kumar Raut
Abbhy Samantray
Rishivansh Acharjee
Rohan Raju
Soham Tripathy
Sambeet Samantaray
Ashish Rout
Sagarika Rath
Toshali Majhee
Swastik Suvam Swain
Ishan Agarwal
Vedant Tosaria

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